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If you haven’t taken the leap and clicked on the “Fine Art” button above, now is the perfect time to do so.

My fine art site is where self-expression mixes with creativity; add a dash of experimentation, a pinch of grit for good measure and top it off with a dollop of pensive stream of conscious writing and – voila! – you get an insight into how I see this crazy world of ours OUTSIDE the wonderful bubble of weddings and family. Many of the subjects I shoot over there inspire how I shoot what you see on this site – and vice-versa!

Right now we’ve got some exciting things to share including a big announcement, plus the inspiring story of Kristin (pictured below) and the inspirational way that she has faced the world with alopecia to show everyone that Bald is Beautiful!

So go ahead and click. I promise you won’t be sorry:)

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