Meet Our Baby

Das Oon
Baby Girl

Our yellow lab Juno (her given name) was my wedding present to my husband and is the center of our world. She’s the reason I motivate to hike on cold or dreary days, her wet nose is the first thing to greet me in the morning and her soft brown eyes melt my heart
She knows when I’m sad and will snuggle with silent sympathy, she shares our joys and even has conversations with us in her deep yet child-like voice.

“Guuuys. Guys what doin’ guys? I wuuuuv you.”
She puts emphasis on the wrong word in a sentence – “I wuv YOU, Mom and Dad” but she’s only four, she doesn’t quite grasp our language yet. I hope she never grows out of it.

She loves the park, frisbee, my father-in-law and food. She will hike with a stick for miles – though it’s less of a stick and more like a tree bough – and she never tires. She is a bit of an amphibious dog and I’m convinced that if she could sprout gills she would never come on land again. Which is why I’m choosing to introduce her to the world in her most favorite of habitats.

These photos were snapped this summer at my sister-in-law’s family Cape House, a place of relaxation and serenity – a little piece of Heaven, if you will. As my husband kicked and splashed the water she breached and snapped trying to get it. Such a simple game, but such immense pleasure for my Oonerrific Oon.

And don’t let those ferocious looking teeth scare you – they’re more for show than anything 😉

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